Pressure wave air charging system used to provide a positive pressure differential across the engine.

Title of Invention:
Pressure Wave Air Charging System

Name of Inventor or Inventors:
Rupak K. Paul

Date of Disclosure:
July 15, 2010

2-stroke engines require the addition of an air pumping device to provide a positive pressure differential across the engine.

This device is based on a Comprex pressure wave charger but adapted/tuned for a broader rev range. On this 2-stroke application, this device could replace the mechanically-driven supercharger, the conventional Turbo charger and possibly the EGR system too. The adiabatic efficiency and overall efficiency of these devices has already been proven to be higher than conventional devices in field testing.

The novel idea is to have this type of charger to replace the mechanically-driven supercharger, Turbo charger and EGR system. In addition, comprex charging has never been applied to 2-stroke diesels in this manner out in the field.

The invention is to adapt the device to tune over a broader rev range and to adapt it to suit the needs of providing EGR (the exhaust and intake fresh charge already mix somewhat) as well as providing positive intake boost, which could involve redesigning the rotor cell channels, incorporating small plenums to augment a form of resonance charge tuning and varying the drive timing. There would probably need to be an auxiliary air charging system for starting the 2-stroke engine.

Pressure Wave Air Charging Diagram